Without question, I highly recommend Michael Lederman as a lawyer. During his entire representation of my case, I was kept thoroughly informed on everything surrounding my case. I'm 100% satisfied with the results Mr. Lederman got me. Phone calls were returned for whatever questions I had. Trust me, if you're looking for a lawyer to really fight for you, go with Michael Lederman.


I've made the mistake of having one too many drinks and getting behind the wheel — and the legal system came immediately to take my time, money and freedom. I’ve had friends make this mistake more than once, and they ended up losing their jobs and their freedom. They didn’t engage council — or they hired another attorney. But fortunately for me, a friend recommended that I seek council from Michael "Moe" Lederman. He was understanding, but most importantly his advice allowed me to continue to work and live. If you’ve made the mistake of drinking and driving, don’t make another mistake by not speaking with Mr. Lederman about your DUI.

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